Our Story

Our story begins in the Scottish Highlands in 2014, with the passing of Barbara Matheson. Her dream to create beautiful designs that captivates audiences lives on through her son and founder, her ashes are scattered in the winds of The Isle Of Skye.

Our journey is crafted out of passion, empathy and a strong desire to achieve beyond expectations. We’re connecting people beyond audiences, we’re connecting them to themselves and endless possibilities.

We’re well versed in navigating rough and unpredictable terrain. Our unique ability to empathise and analyse core aspects of a problem helps our clients to recognise and implement action. Our methods lead to progress, and growth beyond limitations.

We specialise and thrive in creativity. We recognise the sheer and immense power of impactful visuals. So our work does more than speak for our clients, it carves a path through the impassible, forges relationships, and creates space to grow…

It also looks really good too!

We solve more than design problems. Our unique ability to facilitate change not only through mindset but also in your visual form and function helps to diversify your resolution to be more than a quick, attractive fix but something that is adaptable and everlasting.

Mission statement

Our mission is not to lead you but instead to light your way. Through captivating design, results-driven strategy, and innovative ideas, we connect you to audiences and develop growth opportunities. We help you grow and break limits, the sky is the limit, touch the sky.

TouchSkye Designs.

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    Hi, I’m Adam, founder of TouchSkye Designs.

    Established in 2014, in memory of my late mother (an amazing graphic artist and captivator of possibility), I founded TouchSkye designs as a service to help start-ups grow their business. In the years that have followed, I’ve scaled up to a global service working in education, housing, communication, and charity sectors.

    I am a consultant and educator, I am passionate about teaching others the power of creative communication and design. I support and enable clients to meaningfully connect with their audiences to execute strategies and drive impact.

    I do this knowing that with a little fearlessness, these skills can be used by anyone who feels they are a square peg in a round hole and should be standing out in their sectors but their brand and actions are just not helping them achieve this.

    The majority of my work is conducted through my company TouchSkye Designs. Through this entity, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having a global impact in both the public and private sectors helping to develop communication strategies, application design, and create beautiful brands.

    With over 15 years in the creative industry, starting as a junior in design, and growing to a full-time freelance creative consultant today. I still work in design from time to time but the majority of my time is spent on developing creative strategies, campaigns, and digital solutions for organisations around the world.

    Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of my work has been the development of digital information slide decks, eLearning platforms, and white-label brand work both at home and abroad.

    I’m a copious learner, striving to develop new skills and expand my knowledge in customers, business, design, and marketing. I spend a lot of my time giving back to start-ups and students through my lectures, apprenticeships, and workshops. I’m an advocate for local business and community business growth.

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