Our Story

We solve problems with imaginative ideas and creative designs.

We believe design goes far beyond aesthetics. It’s about how something functions. How it impacts us. How it resonates with us on a deeper, meaningful level. We infuse these ideas into everything we do, whether shaping customer experiences, building brand identities or solving complex problems with everlasting solutions.

Established in Skye and now anchored in the South of England, TouchSkye Designs has worked with companies large and small, near and far – from multinationals and third-sector organisations to SMBs and start-ups. With over 15 years of experience in the creative industry and unbound by the constraints of the 9–5, we elevate our clients to places that others can’t. Our solutions blend innovation and imagination with data-driven insight and rigorous research to deliver results beyond all expectations.

Our core values

Show compassion

Everything we do is infused with the spirit of compassion and kindness, always with empathy and understanding for our clients and their customers.

Have confidence

We approach every problem with self-belief, curiosity and an open mind, never assuming there’s only one solution. For us, problems are opportunities.

Think inclusive

We aim to learn and grow with people from different walks of life, drawing from a diverse range of cultures and unique experiences and perspectives.

Go beyond

Mediocre? We don’t know the meaning of the word. We are tireless and tenacious in our ventures, creating solutions and surpassing all expectations.

Be visionary

We experiment. We adapt. We challenge conventions, push boundaries, take risks and seek inspiration. From conception to its fully-fledged reality.

Inspire awe

We want our work to be truly memorable, distinctive and beautiful. We are driven to make everlasting impressions that resonate with audiences.

Stay grounded

It’s not just designs and ideas that make an impact. Our affability is part of our trademark and our clients feel this when working with us.

Always evolve

As lifelong learners who obsess over technology, we embrace change and look to the latest concepts, while staying in tune with time-honoured traditions.

The story so far…

Have an enquiry?

    Hi, I’m Adam, founder of TouchSkye Designs.

    TouchSkye Designs was founded in 2014 by Adam Carley on the Isle of Skye. The inspiration for the name of the company, as well as the unwavering spirit to create beautiful designs that captivate audiences, came from his late mother, Barbara Matheson, from whom the remote Scottish island was a creative and spiritual retreat.

    Initially founded to help startups grow their business, TouchSkye Designs has since scaled up to become a full creative consultancy with a global reach. We now help businesses across multiple sectors develop communication strategies, implement application design and create exciting brands.

    With years of real-world international experience under our belts, we feel we’ve gone beyond standard agencies that offer quick-fix design solutions. Our solutions endure – from the power of our impactful visuals to the resonance of our emotion-led customer experiences – helping companies like yours connect with audiences on a deeper level.

    Don’t just take our word for it…

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