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Personal Fitness, Transformed

Andres Fitness is a local fitness industry leader, specialising in training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Although Andres had a loyal customer base and a reputation as an exceptional personal trainer, poor brand recognition and a lack of marketing strategy was leading to inconsistent client growth. Andres reached out to TouchSkye Designs in the spring of 2021, with the aim of increasing his impact in a competitive industry.


April 2021 - October 2021

“This is more than building an identity for myself. I’m not just growing my business, I’m building myself as an industry leader and to achieve that I had to build a better brand.”

Working out the brand

We wanted to highlight the key values that make Andres special – he’s inspirational, empathetic and genuinely changes lives with his fitness and lifestyle coaching. It was important to go beyond the simplistic idea of a ‘personal trainer.’ For this, we needed uniformed style, purposeful messaging and a clear brand identity.

A trusted trademark


The new had to be strong, eye-catching and instantly recognisable. The AF initials would be the essence of the logo – we wanted to be more direct to ensure brand recognition. Also, simplification would make the logo more suitable for wider, high standard reproduction.  

We decided on a triangular shape for stability, momentum and power. We also wanted to move away from using the muscular male figure in the logo, which we felt excluded segments of the audience while also being aesthetically outdated. The addition of the off-coloured line at the bottom further captures the dynamism and stability of the brand, with the option to switch colour combinations for added versatility.

Overall, it’s cleaner, more confident and more inclusive, while illustrating brand values such as stability, strength, trust and dynamism in a far more effective way.






Body Copy:



Brand voice





Brand values

Life Changing

Not just introducing exercises and nutrition but adapting clients to a better lifestyle.


More than encouraging clients to exercise, motivating them to achieve desired results.


Changing a mindset and understanding that clients can achieve when they apply.


Through open communication showing clients their before, progress and results.


Understanding clients are different and applying learned techniques to the right client.


Showing awareness of all afflictions and limitations enabling a path to success.

Brand experience & colour treatment

Building a buzz

For Andres Fitness to solidify client relationships while increasing new leads and overcoming competitors, we decided that extending the product range would be crucial.

We rolled out brand application across a range of new products, designed to illustrate a unified brand identity. We also utilised subconscious brand recognition through marketing research, while making provisions for future scaling, creating artwork for potential products further down the line.

Digitising the fitness experience

In order to differentiate Andres from the competition, we had to make his services stand out. Digitising the fitness experience was pivotal – we had to give Andres the right infrastructure to engage and manage clients on a whole new level.

Many personal training websites use ‘cookie-cutter’ design templates that aren’t optimised for mobile. We built Andres’s website from the ground up, with bespoke mobile-first design that aligned with his brand and illustrated his core values.

With the digital coaching movement gaining pace, we knew that transitioning Andres’s services into a digital environment would be key. We seamlessly transferred Andres’s visual identity into a new, accessible digital app, enabling him to remotely assist and train his clients through curated workout plans and one-to-one virtual sessions.

Adam has taken my brand and established a professional feel to it, propelling me further into my industry as more of a figurehead. His strategies have helped me secure more long term clients and land higher quality leads as well as firmly place my brand identity amongst the most locally recognisable. His clarity, honesty and desire to extract the best out of his clients has resulted in me becoming more aware of where I can make improvements and give a quality service in all areas of my business.

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