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Andres Fitness is a local fitness industry leader who specialises in training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Andres approached TouchSkye Designs back in the spring of 2021 to explore options for repositioning his brand through new business concepts that would generate more leads as well as developing an effective marketing strategy with digital services so he can increase his impact while taking on more clients without sacrificing time.


April 2021 - October 2021

“This is more than building an identity for myself. I’m not just growing my business, I’m building myself as an industry leader and to achieve that I had to build a better brand.”

The problem

In the past few years, Andres Fitness has been struggling to
establish itself as a local industry leader in health and fitness.
Being recognised for being an exceptional personal trainer was
not enough; there was zero brand recognition, lack of demand
from clients which forced an inconsistency in his client growth.

The challenge

Personal trainers often struggle to make a name for themselves in this competitive industry. They have few opportunities and the pressure from clients or lack of can be intense, so how do we transform them into leaders?

The solution

By creating an identity that goes beyond recognition and promotes the knowledge and valuable qualities of Andres into a brand that represents leadership, results, and trust. Transcending the local personal trainer status and being a masthead of a business, personal investment, and community.

Brand mission

To establish a brand and presence that represents the values, ethos, and impact that Andres Fitness delivers to all his clients. Delivering three core services to his audience the brand has to make an impact in every aspect of his offering and services.

Postitioning hypothesis

There is a pre-conceived notion that personal trainers are limited to that position solely of “personal trainer” and any form or identity of leadership requires a large social media following, extensive revenue streams, products, services and business deals to establish themselves more than “a trainer at the local gym”

Brand goal

To establish a brand that represents the values, ethos, and impact that Andres delivers to all his clients. Through an aligned style, purposeful messaging, and clear identity, the Andres Fitness brand can be a pillar of trust, support, and guidance.

Visual identity


Use and application of grid spacing ensures equal dimensions within a design that conforms to mathematical equality but isn’t bound by it.

This ensures an aesthetical appreciation and instant recognition, not only of the logo but also the impact and strength of the brand.






Body Copy:



Brand voice





Brand values

Life Changing

Not just introducing exercises and nutrition but adapting clients to a better lifestyle.


More than encouraging clients to exercise, motivating them to achieve desired results.


Changing a mindset and understanding that clients can achieve when they apply.


Through open communication showing clients their before, progress and results.


Understanding clients are different and applying learned techniques to the right client.


Showing awareness of all afflictions and limitations enabling a path to success.

Brand experience & colour treatment

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Application of identity

Awareness creation.

Utilising subconscious brand recognition through the application of a desirable product and the Andres Fitness logo, initial interest grew and gave further appreciation for the Andres Fitness Brand. This fuelled business-led conversations as well as inquiries into products or services available from them; making the brand even stronger than before!

Brand recognition.

Provision of products with the brand applied enables recognition but variance of these products ensures wider awareness and further interest in the brand and service.

Focusing on a scale of products that are used and seen within the correct environment, awareness transforms into desire then into actual enquiries and conversations. We started with apparel then useful products.

Beyond brand development.

Application of identity can sometimes be limited by capital, application capabilities or even environment. It was important when providing artwork for current application that awareness was made of future potential products. Not only did this elevate the mindset of Andres but leads to future scaling capabilities and also topics of conversation between clients and Andres.

Making service a tap away.

To help Andres Fitness establish itself as an industry leader, we focused on digitising and communicating the service so that it would be distinct. A new brand position was crafted. Direct digital support; taking away reliance from the competitions and other influential social media platforms and providing a one-to-one session for his clients in a more personal tailored solution through website design, text groups and an interactive mobile application.

Contact, while
on the go.

Its industry standard to have a website to advertise services and offering but it was important to clearly establish that Andres has a better offering than his competition.

One of the pitfalls of personal training websites is that they’re based on “cookie cutter” design templates. We built Andres’s website from the ground up keeping the design bespoke and engaging users with a mobile first experience.

Validation at a click.

Now distinguishing Andres as an industry leader, we made sure the website was fully browser and device adaptable enriching every user’s experience.
The added benefit of the desktop version was it displayed beautifully on high-resolution monitors, leveling up and validating the professionalism and quality assurance checks made by any potential new clients.

Building digital relationships.

Using the Trainerize App platform, we were able to successfully transition Andres’s clients into a digital app environment for sessions when not able to train in-person. With application guidance and pre-existing templates provided we maintained his brand identity by modifying the application skins and screens to seamlessly transfer Andres’s visual identity into a new and accessible digital application enhancing the brand experience.

Motivation every
step of the way.

For ease of use for clients the Trainerize App development has been a key focus over the last two years. Making sure identity elements of Andres Fitness brand was also created for fitness watches and the added app design helped to convince potential new clients that by having a watch synchronisation feature provided them with trust, confidence and motivation within the Andres Fitness brand.

The Andres Fitness App is the newest way to make getting in shape easier. It syncs with your life and has everything from logging workouts, tracking calories from myfitnesspal, and syncing to your phone’s health app.”

Adam has taken my brand and established a professional feel to it, propelling me further into my industry as more of a figurehead. His strategies have helped me secure more long term clients and land higher quality leads as well as firmly place my brand identity amongst the most locally recognisable. His clarity, honesty and desire to extract the best out of his clients has resulted in me becoming more aware of where I can make improvements and give a quality service in all areas of my business.

Andres Morales

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