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BySea Coffee is a global coffee brand donating 100% of its profits with a core focus on supporting and improving the lives of seafarers and their families. The brand aims to raise awareness, change lives as well as producing quality coffee. BySea approached TouchSkye Designs in late 2016 to develop their brand identity, produce strong marketing materials and create campaigns that targets multiple audiences.


October 2016 to October 2017

BySea Coffee:

The BySea coffee organisation has since ceased trading. Due to issues stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic and a change in direction of their head organisation Sailors’ Society.

All of the work carried out took place before the Covid pandemic.

The Problem

The problem

BySea Coffee was created to help raise awareness and transform the lives of seafarers suffering around the world. Yet the start-up has struggled to gain large-scale recognition in the commercial sector and to build domestic and international corporate partnerships. Both are needed for the brand to grow on a global scale and for the company’s mission to succeed.

The challenge

The initial brand packaging had been contracted out to a third party, who were to have no follow-up involvement in marketing, product growth, or brand communication strategies. TouchSkye Designs was brought in to expand the BySea range and raise awareness through various types of advertising and communications methods.

The solution

Two markets were targeted: the corporate sector and the local consumer. We built and secured new relationships, by networking with industry leaders at key international events, as well as taking a grassroots approach through both our mobile and fixed location coffee shops.

Beyond The Bag

The BySea coffee range has expanded to seven products, and countries were agreed upon with roasters. TouchSkye Designs collaborated with company directors to create a visual connection between the brand and the country of origin. Initial packaging designs were then provided by an original design agency, which was followed up by collaborating with brand strategy alignment.

Expanding the range

Recycling forward

With the new blends now available and packaging design agreed on, the BySea team and I  liaised with our roasters to find the right materials. In keeping with brand strategy and values, we decided to use recycled packaging, meeting the expectations of both consumers and corporate partners.

Packaging with purpose.

As well as using recycled materials to represent the values of the charity and its partners, it was key to showcase collaborations between the BySea coffee brand and its corporate partners.

That’s why the bottom left corner of the packaging is purposefully free of a logo, allowing for partnership logos to be applied when displayed at events.

Adaptable packaging design

The BySea range consisted of six core blends, including a seventh limited edition blend – The Victory,  in partnership with Historic Dockyard Portsmouth. As well as leaving space for partnership logos and branding, we also had the flexibility to adapt design labels according to smaller promotional packs – an important strategic point when establishing corporate relationships.

Awareness strategies

As part of the local growth strategy, we targeted influential businesses and organisations. Working with the coffee roasters and distribution partners, we arranged a deal for a limited run of small promotional packs. This saved on initial production costs, as we developed a gift and sample pack to supply to our brand influencers.

Delivering the range

Coffee on the go...

When researching the mobile coffee market, we found that many businesses were using small panel vans. However, although practical, they don’t engage customer interest or increase revenue like the BySea Coffee Land Rover Defender! 

Logo placement and overall design decisions were made early on to be different – angles are often more interesting than straight lines – making an impact while retaining originality.

Targeting everyday people

The coffee lover’s dream comes true.
The mobile defender was central to the marketing campaign, turning heads and making a strong impact everywhere it went. An interactive experience is hard to beat, creating customer involvement and cementing a memory of the brand. Design-wise, interior panels provided display space, while glide-out shelves offer space for brochures and other promotional materials.

More than just four wheels.

Within a year, the BySea Coffee Defender had trekked all over the UK, with appearances at events and festivals, as well as making corporate visits. The strategy was simple: captivate customers with an eye-catching campaign and great coffee. 

And what better way to let people know about BySea coffee than by putting a cup in their hand? 

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Serving up a storm

An awareness campaign is made easier when you have a product people want to buy and a story they want to listen to. Not only did we target events that had corporate interests for us, but also influential, modern events, where physical positioning played a key role in reaching a wider audience. 

By choosing corner positions, which were often smaller but had a higher impact on footfall and visible awareness. People often make the mistake of prioritising space when it comes to choosing stall locations (often being boxed in) – TouchSkye Designs focused on footfall strategy and the best customer experience positions.

Event to remember

Making an impact

The BySea identity is a vibrant blue – that way, we can bring striking contrast to physical location backgrounds. A way to ensure the maximum impact was through easy-to-set up displays and marketing materials.

Practicality was key. Staff numbers were sometimes limited – often, there were only one or two people who could attend the event – so we purchased the easiest to display equipment for maximum effect.

Additionally, after practical testing, I persuaded the events team to use Clingz – an electrostatically charged display material that enabled us to set up posters and displays onto any surface. This saved preparation time and made setup easier for staff, enabling them to focus on building relationships and raising awareness.

A splash hit with the locals

Coffee homeground

With a successful year of local awareness campaigns, the next stage of development was the BySea Coffee Lounge. In collaboration with interior designers, I focussed on emphasising core brand values during the design process. 

We chose materials reminiscent of the shipping industry – corrugated metals and exposed pipework, for a modern, industrial-chic style. The likes of recycled pallet benches and recycled shelving illustrated the importance of conservation, which resonated with our eco-conscious audience.

Beyond the cups

With a minimalist design, alternating between blue and white, we quickly gained recognition in our local area. The logo was bold and the brand stood out. For me, minimalism can often be more memorable and make more of an impact, which was certainly the case here.

Adam is incredibly creative and is great to work with. He works closely with you from concept stage through to delivery to ensure a final product which is eye-catching, cost effective and fit for purpose. He is experienced in producing a huge variety of designs, campaign and event collateral, through to social and digital marketing materials. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Adam and have no doubt he will provide an excellent service to others.

Vicky McLeod

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