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BySea Coffee is a global coffee brand that donates 100% of its profits, with a core focus on supporting and improving the lives of seafarers and their families. It aims to raise awareness and change lives, as well as produce high quality coffee.


October 2016 to October 2017

Reviving the Roastmasters

BySea Coffee was struggling to gain large-scale recognition in the commercial sector. TouchSkye Designs was approached to develop their identity, establish brand recognition, produce compelling marketing materials and create domestic and international campaigns capable of captivating multiple audiences.

The perfect blend

Our growth strategy was three-fold: networking with industry leaders at international events; creating a memorable impact on consumers through a mobile coffee vehicle; and creating connections with communities at a grassroots level, through fixed location coffee shops.

Expanding the range

Serving up a storm

In order to find the right audience, we targeted events that had corporate interests for BySea, as well as influential events where physical positioning played a key role in lead generation.  TouchSkye opted for corner positioned displays, which were often smaller but had a higher impact on footfall, visible awareness and customer experience.

Thinking outside the cup

Coffee on the go...

Small panel vans are commonly used in the mobile coffee market. But we had bigger ideas. BySea needed something altogether more show stopping… introducing the BySea Coffee Land Rover Defender!

Offbeat logo placement and other key design decisions were made early on. Angles are often more interesting than straight lines – they make an impact, while retaining consistency.

The coffee lover’s dream come true

The BySea Coffee Defender was central to our marketing campaign, turning heads everywhere it went. Design-wise, panels provide ample display room, while glide out shelves create extra space. Meanwhile, the interactivity created customer involvement and cemented the impact of the brand.

More than just four wheels.

The BySea Coffee Defender travelled all over the UK, with appearances at public events and festivals, as well as corporate shows. Our strategy was simple: captivate customers with an eye-catching campaign and great coffee. All-in-all, the BySea Coffee Defender went far beyond a regular campaign, leading to increased brand awareness and a significant upturn in profits.

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Home sweet home

With a successful year of local awareness campaigns, the next stage of development was the creation of the BySea Coffee Lounge. TouchSkye collaborated with interior designers, focussing on emphasising core brand values during the design process.

We opted for materials reminiscent of the shipping industry – corrugated metals and exposed pipework – for a modern, industrial chic style. Meanwhile, upcycled shelving and pallet benches, together with other sustainable features illustrated BySea’s values, which resonated with our eco-conscious audience.

Adam is incredibly creative and is great to work with. He works closely with you from concept stage through to delivery to ensure a final product which is eye-catching, cost effective and fit for purpose. He is experienced in producing a huge variety of designs, campaign and event collateral, through to social and digital marketing materials. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Adam and have no doubt he will provide an excellent service to others.

Vicky McLeod

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