Our Services
Connecting you with audiences through unique visual solutions.

Our approach, albeit logical, practical, and based on data comes from an empathetic understanding of causality.
The effect or lack thereof the human-centric thinking is often the root of problems faced by companies.

For over a decade we’ve been helping our clients clarify their business offer and connect better audiences. Our solutions centre on what it is that makes us human and delivers impact that echoes beyond the first view. This is design that not only improves your return on investment, but inspires and connects people.

Our Services

Strategy & CX Design

Understanding customer needs and clarifying what direction and actions are best for your business.

Brand & Marketing Audit

A clear and concise diagnosis the current impact your brand is having on your audience.

Digital & Interactive Design

eLearning courses, websites and interactive platforms to captivate and engage your audience.

Brand Development

Design and practical brand application design to increase awareness and client retention.

Graphic & Marketing Design

Campaign design and practical market application to engage audiences and generate leads. 

Digital Content Creation

Social content & uniquely presented information to engage and expand your online presence.

"Captivating visual communication is a key component of success."

With visuals, the brain can process up to 60 thousand times faster than text. It’s no secret that human instincts are often influenced by emotion, and with visual design you can capture selective audiences through their emotive responses far quicker and more impactful than audiences making data-driven or misinformed decisions from your existing marketing materials or strategy.

Impactful visuals can trigger intrigue, desire and appreciation. Ultimately it can lead to more revenue.

Our Process.

We work with you to identify all practical, emotional, and visual aspects of the problem. We analyse the processes of your business, identity, or marketing that are causing conflict and understand the cause.


Through practical, tactical, and applicable research we develop actionable strategies with adaptable features for future development, changes and potential growth opportunities for internal and external use.


During the execution of our strategy, we’ll reassess each step of implementation, understanding their effectiveness and testing their longevity and impact of results as they bring in a return on your investment.

Familiar Problems

How does your visual identity position you?

Most of us begin our businesses by looking at the what: the skills that we will bring to market. But we often fail to develop the communications that will show our audience what we’re made of. If your visual identity isn’t working as hard for you as your product or service, it’s time to contact TouchSkye Designs.

Our customer-focused design services build audience advocacy that facilitates growth through confident visual identities and unique creative solutions.

Is your identity costing you customers?
You find it a challenge attracting new audiences and this is costing you time and revenue. The visual identity of the company doesn’t represent you as you want and is costing customers.
Is your funnel failing you?
Your company content is boring and unengaging even with staff which means your funnel is failing. You’ve thrown money away to improve visual communication and it still doesn’t deliver.
Is your team stuck at a crossroads?
You have a desired result but can’t solve the problem. You don’t have the experience expertise or team to get the result.
Our Solution
Most agencies provide you with an ad campaign or rebrand. However we see better results in understanding the current market and how it works with your original mission, our solution stems from there.
Our Solution
We develop strategic content pillars that ensure engagement by understanding audience, market climate and relevant audience values and desires blended into curious content.
Our Solution
We have the expertise and capabilities necessary to breakdown your problem and solve it as required. Often this is achieved through our white-label service.

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